1. The system is not accepting my payment. What can I do?

If the payment isn't going through, please ensure your details are accurate or consider using a different card.

2. Can I use my contact lens prescription when ordering glasses?

Yes, you can often use your contact lens prescription when ordering glasses, but it's best to consult with an eye care professional to make sure.

3. Can I order Lenses With a Prism Correction?

Prism correction, quite uncommon and costly, begins around 1 lakh. It's specialized, helping with certain vision issues.

4. What is color matching?

Color matching means making sure your frame and lenses look good together.

5. What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses reduce glare from surfaces like water or roads, making your vision clearer.

6. What are photochromic/transition lenses?

Photochromic or transition lenses darken in sunlight and become clear indoors, giving you one pair for different situations.

7. What are tinted lenses?

Tinted lenses have a subtle color to them, adding a touch of style to your glasses.

8. What type of lens coatings do you offer?

We offer various lens coatings that provide protection, like anti-scratch or anti-glare coatings and blue cut.

9. I received an "Out of Range" message. What does it mean?

 "Out of Range" means your order is out of stock. Reach out, we're here to assist.

10. How do I find my eyewear size?

Finding your eyewear size is crucial for a comfortable fit. We'll guide you through measuring every product detail.

11. How can I trust the authenticity of the products?

Trust us for authenticity. We're a reliable brand committed to quality.

12. What if my frames need adjusting?

If your frames need adjustments. Reach out, we're here to assist.

13. How can I contact customer service?

You can contact our customer service through phone or email for any assistance shown on your website.

14. Do you have a physical store?

You can contact our customer service through phone or email for any assistance shown on your website.

15. Where are you located?

We are based in Bhadalpur, making it convenient for you to order from anywhere. Google Maps

16. I just placed an order, when will it be shipped?

Just ordered? The shipping process will proceed within 24hrs!

17. What does it mean if my order is back-ordered?

If your order is back-ordered, it means there might be a delay due to high demand.

18. What does it mean if my order is discontinued?

 "Discontinued" means the item is no longer available. Our team can suggest alternatives.

19. Do you keep records of previous orders?

Yes, we keep records of your previous orders. Reach out if you need information.

20. How do I find my order number?

Your order number is in the confirmation email we sent you.

21. How will I know when my order has been shipped?

Once your order ships, we'll send you a notification with tracking details.

22. How do I make changes to my order?

To make changes to your order, contact us quickly after placing it.

23. I made a mistake and ordered the wrong color, can I cancel my order and reorder?

Did you make a mistake? Reach out ASAP – we'll help you sort it out.

24. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping will be free and we'll provide details at checkout.

25. Do you ship internationally?

No, we don’t offer international shipping to many countries.

26. I did not receive my package, what should I do?

If you haven't received your package, contact us for assistance.

27. My order has already been shipped. Can I still cancel it?

If your order is already shipped, get in touch with us to discuss cancellation options.

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